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Photoshop and Facetune are renowned for bringing the ‘perfect form’ to the masses, with 71% of social media users admitting to editing photos before posting them online.

But post-production tools are stuck in the past, totally unprepared for a future in which our bodies are digital.

Part social commentary, part crystal ball, REDUCE is the world’s first line of digital shapewear. Inspired by brands like SPANX and SKIMS, the collection bring the same sculpting goals to our digital bodies.


Where physical shapewear squeezes problem areas for the appearance of a perfect form, REDUCE compresses those same target areas into tightly packed voxels, allowing the wearer to ‘fit in’ online by reducing their resolution.

Optimized for look, fit and feel, REDUCE reshapes the digital body through three, cutting edge, innovations:1. REDUCED RESOLUTION  — to decrease your online size

Instead of perfecting your image after it's uploaded, REDUCE shapewear decreases the size of your digital body in real time, by using voxels to reduce your resolution.

Little more than a volumized pixel, the voxel is a basic building block for 3D digital objects. The number and size of voxels in a digital object determines how much space that object takes up:

  • Bigger voxels = less visual information = less digital size.

  • Smaller voxels = more visual information = more digital size.

REDUCE shapewear compacts your form into these tight digital cubes to reduce your visual information, your resolution, and so ultimately your size online.

Physical shapewear compared to its digital counterpart
Physical shapewear compared to its digital counterpart

2. GENERATIVE SHAPES for fits as arbitrary as our beauty standards

REDUCE shapewear is made with a generative system, this means each piece’s qualities are determined by chance, at time of sale.

Feeding the concept of digital dysmorphia, these generative characteristics relate to REDUCE shapewear’s size and fit:

SHAPWEAR FIT: To determine an item’s shape, six different ‘body ideals’, all named after digital personas (The NPC, The Stacy, The Facetune, The Default, The Big Boss and The Slender Man) are algorithmically blended together. This results in random, one-of-a-kind body fits that are as arbitrary as the beauty standards they adhere to.

The 6 body types which generatively blend to make REDUCE shapewear
The 6 body types which generatively blend to make REDUCE shapewear

VOXEL SIZE: Similarly, the voxel size of each shapewear item, and so its resolution, is determined by chance. Meaning the amount by which you are reduced by your shapewear is utterly arbitrary.

Voxel scale: 0.07 vs. Voxel scale: 0.2
Voxel scale: 0.07 vs. Voxel scale: 0.2

PATTERN SIZE: Finally, each item has a pattern, chosen from a set of prints by our collaborating artist. Although the pattern designs are fixed, the scale of each pattern is randomly allocated, resulting in unique expressions of every pattern on every piece.

Pattern scale: 1.5 vs Pattern scale: 0.3
Pattern scale: 1.5 vs Pattern scale: 0.3

3. PIXEL PATTERNS — to bring underwear’s history into the here & now

The patterns for REDUCE were created by Patternbase — a renowned digital creator and master of voxel design.

In addition to running a textile design studio, and founding one of “the most influential textile and fabric design websites", Patternbase is known for their work in Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels, the virtual world powered by Ethereum blockchain) in which they design voxel wearables, as well as curate an iconic collection of community-made pieces — The Patternbase Collection.

For REDUCE, Patternbase was inspired by the expansive history of undergarment prints. Often featuring laces, florals, and geometric patterns— lingerie and underwear have a specific visual language.

REDUCE patterns by Patternbase
REDUCE patterns by Patternbase

REDUCE patterns draw on this visual history, but just like the garments themselves, bring it into the digital world whilst ensuring size is reduced and resolution is kept at bay.


Each piece of REDUCE shapewear is sold as an NFT and can be:

  • Displayed in your DRAUP digital closet

  • Downloaded as 3D glTF (a standard 3D file format) to can be transformed and worn direct-to-avatar

  • Saved as digital renders, which can be worn on a digital image

Muse Vanille Verloes wearing the REDUCE filter
Muse Vanille Verloes wearing the REDUCE filter


You can pick up a REDUCE piece on the DRAUP platform from 21 November at 12PM ET until 26 November 12PM ET.

Each wallet can mint between 1 and 20 pieces for the price of 0.028ETH (roughly $54USD).

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