DRAUP is a platform expanding the creative and technological bounds of digital fashion.

Each collection, under our in-house brand @pronounceddrop, is collaboratively created with a pioneering artist to redefine what fashion can be in its digital form.

Today, we announce that our first collection, #00: SEEN ON SCREEN, has been designed in partnership with visual artist Nicolas Sassoon.


A Franco-Canadian artist whose work explores the visual language of early computer graphics, Nicolas Sassoon’s practice spans fine art, fashion and film. With pieces exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoCDA — Sassoon has long explored the tension between the pixel and the screen. His work, which often involves all-encompassing or large scale animations, brings to light the construction of the digital image.

Casting the pixel as pattern-maker, Sassoon has delved into digital patterns using many different approaches. From his intimate PATTERNS animations to the massive all-over building projections of LIQUID LANDSCAPES, perhaps no explorations into the pixelated pattern have been more fitting than those in fashion.

Working with the likes of UNIQLO, WINGS + HORNS and Balenciaga, Nicolas has collaborated with fashion brands to create collections that pull his patterns into the material.

Now, working with DRAUP, Sassoon takes these explorations into new depths. Drawn in by digital fashion’s “playfulness and its ability to materialize outfits otherwise impossible to create,” for the first time Nicolas brings his studies of the digital image into digitally native clothes.


The moiré pattern — a digital optical phenomena central to Sassoon’s practice — is the focus of SEEN ON SCREEN.

Originating in textiles, and named after a silky fabric with dream-like shapes — moiré has come to be associated with our experience of viewing digital media on screens, and most commonly with viewing on-screen images of clothing.

With a wider history that ties textiles to the digital image, the moiré pattern finds its natural evolution in SEEN ON SCREEN, where its numerous contexts converge.

In the same way moiré patterns emerge from the layers between screens, the collection’s moiré emerges from the garments' own digital layers.

Explored in DRAUP’s digitally native context of 3D garments, these pixelated patterns are dynamic and evolving — they change based on the distance and angle from which they are viewed.

Introducing these new dimensions, in Sassoon’s words, “The collaboration is a foray into so many untapped aspects of optical art applied to fashion. The garments are much more than just “garments”: they’re optical sculptures, interactive objects, wearable digital art forms.”

COLLECTION #00: SEEN ON SCREEN is coming soon - join Discord for updates

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